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Get metadata for a youtube channel, including subscriber count, video count, and more.

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What is YouTube Channel Data Tool?

It is a powerful online tool that retrieves statistics of any YouTube channel. By simply inputting the channel's URL, users can gain access to key metrics as explained below.

How does it work?

Enter the URL of the YouTube channel your are interested in analyzing and view the following data:

  • Total Channel Views: Get an instant summary of the total views across all videos, offering valuable insight into the channel's popularity and audience reach.
  • Subscriber Count: Discover the number of subscribers to gauge community size and viewer engagement.
  • Video Uploads: See the total number of videos published by the channel, indicating the creator's activity level and content commitment.
  • Channel Origin (Country): Learn about the channel's reported country to understand its geographical focus or origin.
  • Age of Channel: Find out how long the channel has been active on YouTube, offering perspective on its experience and evolution.
  • Content Language: Identify the primary language of the channel's content, crucial for targeting and demographic insights.
  • Detailed Channel Description: Gain a deeper understanding of the channel's purpose and content strategy through its official description.
  • Unique Channel ID: Access the channel's unique identifier for precise analysis or technical needs.

Applications and Benefits

  • Content Creators: Gain insights into your channel's growth trajectory, helping you strategize content creation to increase engagement and subscribers.
  • Marketing Professionals: Analyze competitors’ channels for market research, enabling informed decisions on content trends and marketing strategies.
  • Data Analysts: Extract and compile data for detailed reports and analytics, facilitating a deeper understanding of viewer behavior and preferences.
  • General Users: Curiosity or personal interest in understanding the performance and statistics of favorite channels.